About Innovation & exploration

Innovation & Exploration STEM Early Learning Center (IE) is a preschool for young children from 6 weeks to 6 years.  For your convenience, we offer a before and after-school care program. We also offer a STEM summer camp for children unto 8 years .  The IE STEM program uses the PA Standards for Early Childhood Education along with Scientific and Engineering Practices to help young children experience their fullest potential. The STEM curriculum helps children develop predicting, reasoning, hypothesizing and problem-solving skills inside and outside the classroom. Children also get the opportunity to engage in experimental, inquiry- based, and hands-on learning that fosters creativity, encourages play, and develops curiosity. The IE STEM Early Learning Center also focuses on social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development in young children, as well as having inclusive classrooms with behavioral support for children with specific needs. 

How We Got Started