Our Preschool Garden

What could be a better way to teach about the natural world and the source of food than a garden? Our garden helps children learn about how to grow food (and what plants need to grow!), healthy eating, and the joy of tending plants. Math, science, art, and health are seamlessly integrated into garden lessons. Gardening helps enhance fine motor skills, engages the senses, and requires responsibility

Three Kids Planting Flowering Plants
A Soil Pit With Green Vegetables Planted
A Group of Children Holding Vegetables

Our Butterfly Garden

Our Butterfly Garden is a great way to teach young child about planting, different flowers and about the life cycle of a butterfly. Children will also get the opportunity to explore different flowers that attract butterflies and acquire knowledge on the relationship between a butterfly and a caterpillar.  

Violet Color Flowers With Orange Butterflies
Butterflies Landing on the Hand of a Girl