Frequently Asked Questions

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When may I enroll my child? 

Children can be enrolled at any point during the year. 

Do you offer a flexible schedule?  

We offer both part-time and full-time care. Part-time care is anything less than 4 hours per day with a minimum of 2 days per week while our full-time care is defined as anything over 5 hours per day with a minimum of 2 days per week. We offer part-time schedules for all age groups, including infants at all of our locations.

Is it too early for my child to be exposed to STEM education? 

Not at all. Exposing children to STEM early on has been proven to be beneficial. We are excited to offer this unique opportunity to as many children as possible.

Do you do summer camps?

Yes, the Exploration Summer Camp program runs from June through September, but dates vary from school to school. To find out more information about our summer programs and activities, please schedule a tour or call us.  

 Do you accept subsided care? 

Yes, we do accept Government Subsidized Care ( CCIS)  and Millitary Fee Assistance Program .  

 How do I know my child is safe? 

 IE utilizes one of the most advanced security management software programs in the market today. This starts with security systems at the front door, where parents use a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to gain entry into the building. We also have cameras in all the classrooms. Parents do not have  have daily access because of the privacy of individuals with specific needs. If for some reason something happen, we will provide access to footages. We record each child’s in or out of the school and identifies the approved individual picking up or dropping off. 

Children are only released to those individuals listed on records in the enrollment package and confirmed by an identification check. 

 PERIMETERS/ PLAYGROUND SAFETY: All perimeter and playground gates are locked and monitored by employees and cameras to ensure that children enjoy outdoor play safely.

Is there a discount for multiple siblings? 

 IE offers a family discount of 10% off each additional child, which will be applied toward your child’s tuition.  This is only for full time schedule.  

Do you take children that are not potty trained? 

Yes, potty training is apart of every child’s development and at IE, we work with our families to reach that milestone.   

 What is your referral program?

IE offers families the opportunity to receive one-week free tuition for one child when they refer a new family to IE. The referral credit will be issued after the referred child has completed their first month of childcare. In order to receive credit, you must complete the required form. 

 Is there a registration fee? A registration fee of $ 150 for existing families and $ 200 for new families is required at the time of enrollment. An annual registration fee is also billed every September. These fees are standard and non-refundable. 

 How do I find out about school closure?     

IE will email families about any school closing on Procare and Dojo.   Alerts will also be sent from classroom DOJO.