Q. Do I pick a schedule that’s convenient for my Child?

           A. Yes, you get to setup a time and schedule that is best for your child. 

Q. Are the educational support specialists required to provide clearances?

            A. Yes, it is a requirement for all specialists to provide State approved clearances. 

Q. What if I am able to pay for my child home school support, should I take the free service? 

            A. No, the free service is for students who’s parents cannot afford to pay. We are asking you to please be honest and pay if you can. There are lots of college students, teachers, and tutors who are not working and could use some extra cash. 

Q. What if a tutor is not connecting with my child?

            A. If your child is not connecting with the Educational Support Specialists, we recommend talking to us and we will help you. 

Q. How old should my child be to use Virtual Home School Support?

            A. We recommend from age 4 years and up. 

Q. What if my child has special needs?

              A. We offer support to children with special needs. We have special Educational support specialists that can modify your child’s schoolwork at an additional cost. 

Q. Do you offer daily homework assistance?

            A. Yes, we realized that sometimes parents might not have the time to assist their children with homework. Your child can get the assistance while working on areas they might have difficulties in. 

Q. What video conferencing method do I need to have?

           A.  Whatever safe access video conferencing method you have at home.